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Compliance Auditing

One key risk management tool is for a company to regularly conduct internal audits to ensure that its operations are in compliance with environmental laws and regulations.  Equally important is ensuring the results of any audits are properly managed and any issues properly resolved.  ELG attorneys have extensive experience in counseling clients on planning, conducting, and distributing environmental audit reports and findings.

ELG attorneys assist clients in maintaining confidentiality and asserting legal privileges, designing audit surveys and questionnaires, and reviewing findings and draft reports generated by the auditors—or even in performing site inspections themselves. We also have experience evaluating the potential benefits and risks of making voluntary disclosures to state and federal regulatory agencies under various “audit policy” programs and negotiating resolutions with federal and state agencies for voluntarily disclosed violations.

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Compliance Auditing

Specific examples involving ELG attorneys are as follows:

Multi-media audits

Coordinating and overseeing multimedia compliance audits at over 60 commercial and industrial locations for multiple companies within the United States and Canada

State audit program submittals

Developing and coordinating submittal of audit results and/or corrective action reports for state audit-amnesty programs in multiple states

Federal audit program submittals

Preparing and advising on USEPA audit policy disclosure letters

Internal investigations

Conducting numerous internal investigations of potential environmental non-compliance issues

Corporate audit programs

Providing advice and oversight for companies establishing internal environmental audit programs

Response activities

Advising facilities on the significance of results and assisting companies in ensuring proper and adequate prioritization and resolution of issues

Compliance Auditing April 1, 2015