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Environmental Impact Reviews

Environmental review can make or break a project. Although completing an environmental assessment or environmental impact statement can provide helpful detail about proposed work, the process can be lengthy, complicated, and uncertain.  If not managed well, the delay and uncertainty can be multiplied.

ELG attorneys have years of experience helping clients address environmental review requirements.

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Some of our recent experience with environmental review includes:

Drafting review documents

Drafting both Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements

Determining applicability

Analyzing the applicability of state or federal environmental review requirements

Addressing large infrastructure projects

Working on environmental review associated with large infrastructure improvements

Responding to comments

Helping responsible agencies respond to comments and develop proper records of decision to support a negative declaration or completeness determination

Defending environmental review

Intervening in legal challenges to governmental environmental review determinations to assist in the defense of those determinations

Coordinating multiple jurisdiction projects

Helping facilitate agreement and coordination among various government jurisdictions that have overlapping review authority and streamlining review processes

Environmental Impact Reviews April 1, 2015