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Environmental Legislation and Regulations

Succeeding in business today requires more than just complying with environmental laws and regulations as they currently exist.  It also requires knowing where future environmental laws and regulations are heading.  Staying abreast of pending legal requirements allows businesses to plan for their implementation and provides the opportunity to help shape those requirements so as to ensure the end results promote good environmental stewardship, economic growth, and common sense. 

ELG attorneys stay at the forefront of developing and future environmental law trends so we may help clients affect those trends and prepare for their future implementation.

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Environmental Legislation

To these ends, we routinely assist our clients by:

  • Reviewing and commenting on pending legislation and proposed regulations
  • Meeting with regulators to discuss and address concerns with current or proposed regulations
  • Strategizing ways to address outdated, ineffective or scientifically- or factually-unsupported laws and regulations by authoring draft legislation and regulations, drafting and submitting administrative rulemaking petitions and filing challenges to rules and rule-making procedures in appellate courts
  • Drafting and submitting applicability determinations and shepherding those determination requests through the agency processes
  • Reviewing, interpreting and assisting in the compliance with new laws and regulations
  • Understanding and applying new and existing regulatory agency policies and guidance documents
Environmental Legislation and Regulations April 1, 2015