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Environmental Management Systems

Every company with environmental regulatory obligations has a management system—some sort of work process dedicated to compliance.  ELG attorneys have worked with a range of companies to evaluate current compliance systems, establish new or more effective systems, and audit mature systems.  We understand that an effective management system is not simply a “cut-and-paste” job.  The purpose of a management system is to achieve desired outcomes, not to just look good on a shelf or check a box. 

We know how to work with companies to integrate environmental management into day-to-day operations in a way that achieves results.

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Following are some specific examples of our recent work in this area:

Evaluating management systems

Assisting with understanding and mapping current work processes in order to improve current compliance-related work flow

Developing specific management system tools

Helping create policies, procedures, and job aids to accomplish specific compliance tasks

Auditing systems

Supervising system audits, examining the effectiveness of management systems and evaluating system gaps

Specific compliance programs

Establishing internal guidance and training to implement new programs or meet new compliance obligations

Troubleshooting compliance gaps

Evaluating specific compliance problems to find and fix gaps in processes or tools

Field integration of compliance systems

Helping facilitate programs, tools, and training to ensure front-line employees understand the role they play in compliance and execute their jobs accordingly

System fixes in response to incidents

In the wake of compliance events, helping undertake evaluations to determine the root cause of a given event and implement system-based corrective actions

Project review processes

Helping companies create effective systems, procedures, and guidance to review facility changes for permitting and regulatory applicability

Environmental Management Systems April 1, 2015