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Occupational Safety and Health

All employers, no matter what their size, are subject to occupational safety and health regulations.  State and federal OSHA standards contain multiple workplace requirements regarding matters such as mechanical safeguards, procedures and programs for protecting employees, employee exposure limits for airborne contaminants and noise, employee training, recordkeeping, and creation of written programs.

We advise our clients regarding methods to minimize health and safety risks to employees, including the provision of proper training. We provide audit assistance to identify OSHA programs and rules applicable to each client’s place of business and design written training programs in response to audit findings.   If problems do arise, we have experience in successfully resolving alleged OSHA violations. 

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Occupational Safety

Our recent experience includes:

  • Conducting occupational health and safety audits of manufacturing facilities and implementing worker protection programs as needed
  • Defending employers in OSHA enforcement actions involving workplace fatalities and successfully negotiating settlements
  • Assisting numerous clients in responding to OSHA citations and successfully negotiating resolutions
  • Advising an employer involved in union negotiations over OSHA issues
  • Assisting clients with OSHA reporting and record-keeping requirements
  • Assisting clients in implementing compliance systems to meet new standards
  • Working with clients to understand obligations arising under the general duty clause
  • Reviewing and helping clients respond to process-safety management audit findings
Occupational Safety and Health April 1, 2015