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Release Reporting

Release reporting is not something to get wrong.  Whether in the heat of an emergency or complying with ongoing reporting obligations, the stakes are high—regulators and the public are deeply concerned about releases.  ELG attorneys have experience across the range of reporting issues, from crafting guidance to assisting with initial reports to advising on Toxic Release Inventory submittals.

We understand there is a premium on getting it right during an event as well as making sure all facility stakeholders have an accurate understanding of a facility’s true footprint.

ELG can help with all aspects of release reporting.

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Following are examples of our recent work:

Event reporting systems

Working with clients to establish event reporting guidance to address both state and federal requirements for reporting release events

Follow up reports for events

Reviewing follow-up submittals to regulators to ensure accuracy and minimize compliance risk

Event response team

Helping guide response activities and public communication during an event

Continuous release reporting

Helping facilities evaluate and properly report continuous releases under CERCLA and EPCRA

Federally permitted releases

Helping facilities craft and implement reporting guidance related to the federally permitted release exemption

EPCRA Tier II reporting

Working with companies to establish systems to properly evaluate and update facility Tier II reports

TRI reporting

Working with facilities to properly interpret and meet TRI reporting requirements

Pollution prevention planning

Assisting facilities in implementing pollution prevention plans to meet state and federal reporting obligations and achieve reduction results

GHG Reporting

Helping facilities understand and meet their greenhouse gas reporting obligations

Risk reporting

Advising facilities on Risk Management Planning (RMP) obligations and helping communicate the results of those planning efforts

Release Reporting April 1, 2015